What do you want to see?

Harvard sure can be rough

Harvard sure can be rough

So, I’m assuming I have retained some sort of occasional visitor-ship. Doing nothing can be beautiful sometimes.

I’ve written a bunch of stuff just for You! already.

I’m sure you have other burning questions that make sense for me to attempt to answer. (No asking me about the new “Core” or where laundry rooms are or when you’ll find out about rooming assignments or why you aren’t in Stoughton the best dorm ever.)

To give some perspective and context, I’m an economics concentrator, with a citation in Chinese. I’ve studied abroad in Shanghai. I’ve worked on the beloved Harvard College Tuesday Magazine (I’m biased). Survived and did a brief stint at The Crimson. Was involved in … maybe as many publications as I have fingers in some capacity. Blah. Blah blah.

I’m going into business after graduation. By determining prices, ensuring proper allocation of inventory or something else. I did e-recruiting for a brief sad stint as a sophomore, ignored it as a junior, and will ponder how the next few months will define my opportunities for the 2 years after graduation.

But you’re all just freshmen, so, you must have some questions I can give a shot at or pass along to my friends who span the range of Harvard student types.

So comment to ask. If it’s short, it’ll be answered in a comment. If it’s not, it’ll be answered in a post and help other future Harvardites.

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  1. 1 Becca Gong

    Hi Luyi,

    My name is Becca and I’m a Harvard College ’08 grad who ran the prefrosh.net website and Yahoo groups for four years while I was at H. As a ’10 you might have been on them or been familiar with them; basically, it was a group of upperclassmen ‘moderators’ answering real-time questions from Harvard prefrosh through a Yahoo group, and then archiving the Q&As into a Wiki database website. Unfortunately since I graduated the website closed, but the co-founders and I have always maintained hopes that someone would continue on with it some day because it was so incredibly valuable for prefrosh as a source of guidance and advice.

    I have looked through your blog and find it to be informative, insightful, tech-savvy and well thought out. Yours is exactly the kind of information we used to have on prefrosh.net, and I wondered if you would be interested in collaborating on projects. The prefrosh.net site as of last year has been taken down due to its being out of date, and we need current students to help us revise all the articles to keep up with new administrative policies and changes (like the new calendar reform, new advising programs, new budget cuts of this spring, etc.). Then maybe we could make the site go live again. It’s very useful because it would basically collate much of your blog information in searchable Wiki form. You would of course receive credit and could serve as acting Executive Moderator of the website, while still linking it to your current blog.

    Let me know if you’re interested, and even if you are not we should chat anyway. Prefrosh resources did so much for me when I was looking forward to my freshman year at Harvard, and I think we both share a passion to continue helping the future generations in any way we can.

    Becca ’08

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