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The Internship: Turning Summer into a Pre-Professional Experience

What is an Ivy League School to do when it dares not offer any majors that could be of immediate practical/professional use to anyone?

What Harvard does not have as “concentrations:” advertising, public relations, political science, business, marketing, graphic design, education, so on and so on.

What is an over-achiever to do?

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Success: Little Fish in the Ocean — How to Deal, How to Survive

The problem and beauty with Harvard College is that it takes the creme of the crop of mostly high school seniors — the math geniuses, the Olympic hockey players, the beauty queens, the famously politically inclined — tosses them together in a tin pot and tells them to play nicely.

There are crazy premeds who stay up to late hours of the night completing (competing) their problem sets. There are quiet geniuses that inhale mathematical theorems the way my roommate D. inhales microwavable popcorn. There are sons of millionaires who sell millions of dollars of ads for their organization. There are professional musicians, ballet company level dancers, Jeopardy winners, and so on.

In the midst of all this splendor/glamor/wonder, it was very easy to feel like: what the fuck am I doing here?

This is how I’ve learned how to deal, how to survive…

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