How to Procrastinate

If your reading period is ridiculously easy, read this post. If not, avoid this post like the plague.

Here is my round up of the BEST (and most evil time-sucking) ways to procrastinate.

1) OVGuide

OVGuide is the search engine of all the streaming video sites. If you want to watch any movie or TV show, search OVGuide and it will bring you to the hundreds of little portals on the internet.

2) iminlikewithyou

If you want to play Tetris competitively with your friends online and have a heck of a time using “items” that’ll send extra lines to your opponents, then iminlikewithyou’s Blockles game is fantastically addicting. It is rumored that the entire fencing team played Blockles against each other for 4 hours yesterday.

3) Addicting Games

If you’re not a fan of Blockles or any of the other games, you’re bound to find something you like here.

4) Zamzar

Have you ever seen a YouTube video that you want the music/soundtrack/video to? If so, Zamzar has the ability to convert YouTube videos (just give it a link) to a mp3 file that’s sent to your email.

5) Enjoy! And don’t blame me.

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