The purpose of this blog is to keep note of all the million and one things that Harvard teaches you. By its very nature — think tank for geniuses, current millionaires and future billionaires — one needs to learn how to survive. You can also purchase college research papers to further increase your assignments' quality.

How does one deal with the crazy premed freshmen that flock the righteously green Harvard Yard?


Luyi is a Harvard College sophomore, class of 2010, resident of Leverett House (known for its delicious monkey bread). She is the proud founder of Surviving Harvard.

John is a friend of Luyi. He studies math and bums around in general. John is not one of Luyi’s genius friends although he occasionally writes math on napkins.


Ashlyn is a proud non-science/non-ec concentrator, who is studying abroad but will reclaim her rightful post as Luyi’s most distracting roommate in spring 2009. She has a love/hate relationship with most things Harvard, but has a love/love relationship with her Harvard friends.

Would You Like To Contribute?

If you are a Harvard student (current or former) and would like to write relevant articles, please comment on ANY post, using your school-affiliated email address. All comments need to be manually approved, so these particular comments will not appear on the site.

Or, on a case-by-case basis, if you are someone closely connected/related to a Harvard student and would like to write, please comment with clarifying details as well.


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The lovely header art you see is care of Luyi. Upon admittance, we received a care package of cookie mix, an “H” shaped cookie cutter and a small thing of sprinkles. The fellow whose crotch shot graces every page is the infamous John Harvard statute itself, covered in that fresh fresh snow that visits us sometimes before Primal Scream. But, eghads, what is that yellow color marring his tourist-worn slick bronze toe?