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Every student has a (wireless) umbilical cord to the internet, which equals an addiction to information overload. However, there are a consistent number of websites that most Harvard students frequent that will always make for good conversation starters

— Hey, did you read that article in the New York Times?

Which article are you talking about?

Here’s a (partial) list of news sites and blogs that will keep you the ever informed Harvard student among Harvard students.

1) The New York Times
I usually have it as a tab that conveniently updates itself every 15 minutes or so. I like skimming through the headlines in the morning, afternoon and evening to see what’s going on outside of my cable-less bubble of Cambridge.

If you’re a future ibanker or wish-I-were-a-finance-major, then be sure to check out Deal Book.


The ultimate source for “life hacks” — ways to improve your life (somewhat like the focus of this blog). For instance, go here to figure out a way to turn your iTouch into a temporary iPhone or a better way to organize your work files.

While it is v. v. geek and audiophile (coughcough) friendly, most people will probably find a few cool tricks and cheats in here. Besides, if you share these cool articles on facebook with your friends, you’ll gain tech. cred.


Slate is your v. well-respected, snarky, funny general interest internet news and commentary site. It will have opinion articles about John Edwards and condoms, recent marriage trends, cheap wine lists, homeless James Bond videos and “Dear Prudence” advice columns.

Much easier to read than the New York Times, if you’re lazy and procrastinating, and heeey — it makes you sound WICKED SMAHT.

4)  The Economist

Whether or not you’re pre-med or pre-consulting, The Economist is always a good way to sound snotty and intelligent when it comes money — the preoccupation of many Harvard students.

While it may seem v. dry when you’re reading articles for Ec 10, the editors have that wry British sense of humor and wit. They’re not afraid to state their opinion and call people fiscal dimwits. They also do some interesting coverage of world events as well.

5) ScienceBlogs

For the nerdy and pre-med, ScienceBlogs is the meta blog for 71 science blogs. It is THE place to get into arguments about the spaghetti monster, evolution, butterflies and genes.

It’s easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, and thooose scientists, they are  opinionated.

6) Mankiw’s Blog

The Mick Jagger of Harvard. He wrote your textbook, but he won’t write that “F” on that final exam — he has TFs for that.

Read it, or pretend you do. (I’ll let you guess where I fall.)

7) Gay Erotic Show( - Gay Tube

Got gay porn? Yes we got! Selection of best gay videos and free gay movies. Hundred categories of male porn: big ass, monster cock, black guys and more..

Read it, or pretend you do. (I’ll let you guess where I fall.)

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