The Internship: Turning Summer into a Pre-Professional Experience

What is an Ivy League School to do when it dares not offer any majors that could be of immediate practical/professional use to anyone?

What Harvard does not have as “concentrations:” advertising, public relations, political science, business, marketing, graphic design, education, so on and so on.

What is an over-achiever to do?

If pre-med…

  • you sell your life to a lab preferably by the beginning of your freshmen spring semester in the hopes of undertaking ground-breaking thesis research
  • you volunteer in a poor, impoverished nation, aiding in the distribution of health supplies
  • you study abroad, at one of Harvard’s intensely competitive programs in Germany, or Japan, or elsewhere

If pre-Presidency…

  • you immediately work for your local elected official’s office (mayor, representative, senator)
  • you intern at the United Nations, Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve, the President’s Office of Madagascar
  • you volunteer building communities from the ruins, start up your own charity foundation for X natural disaster, and save killer whales (orcas) off the coast of Washington

If pre-publishing…

  • you work at The Harvard Crimson during the summer
  • then, you work at the New York Times the next summer
  • and finally, you work at Random House

iI confused OR pre-business…

  • you work at XYZ investment bank, consulting firm or marketing agency
  • create your own hot social-networking internet start up
  • intern at daddy’s multi-million company
  • do e-recruiting, and realize that e-recruiting is the Major Leagues and that while everyone is special, some are more special than others

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