Guides to Surviving Harvard

Students who usually order essay or even just request others to check their texts for mistakes and correct them, actually require more help with professional resources. At you can see the whole list of works useful for future research.

Treat this as a (regularly updated) table of contents of all the posts on the site broken down into sections of similar theme. (Yes, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly to do with categories and tags.)

Harvard can get kind of crazy at times — applicable for all Harvard students and the general reader.

Organized thematically.

The Core of Surviving Harvard

Why this site exists, why we need to chill out, and why we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Success: Little Fish in the Ocean — How to Deal, How to Survive

The Negative Externalities of the Cult(ure) of Over-Committing

Happiness: The Most Underutilized Asset at Harvard

The Importance of “Undergraduate Education”

Staying Sane

Treat Yourself Like You Would a Good Friend

The Art of Managing Mental Space

Just-In-Time Thinking

Hacking the Mental Supply Chain

Leveraging Your Strengths

Stop Planning Your Mind Away

Spice Up Your Week with a Random Event

Your Personal Story: Why You Need It, How You Write It — New! (10/05)

Don’t Be THAT Boy or Girl: What Not To Do Amongst Other Smart People

Being the Team Player Among Leaders


Maximizing Sleep Harvard-Style

Organization for the Busy and 7 Minutes Late

Plan Backwards from Your Deadline

Time Debt and Harvard’s Addiction to Over-Commitment — New! (11/6)

Recommendation: Todoist for Your To Do List

On Surviving Distractions

The Day-to-Day

Literally, how to survive Harvard. Most relevant for the Harvard reader.

Most Commonly Overlooked Things When Choosing Classes

What My Chinese Language Class Taught Me

How To Learn Math

On Surviving Shopping Period

Surviving Midterms — New! (10/30)

Surviving the Post-Midterm Blues — New! (11/3)

How to Use the Q/Cue Guide

On Surviving Reading Period

Harvard is Great When You’re Not Stressed Out

Summers for Harvard Students

The Internship: Turning Summer into a Pre-Professional Experience

On Surviving E-Recruiting

The Decision to Study Abroad?

The World Outside of Extracurricular Activities — New! (10/01)
How You Know You’ve Chosen the Right Concentration — New! (12/04)

New Semester Resolutions

Your Personal Annual Review — New! (12/30)

Presentation Skills: What Harvard Doesn’t Teach You

Email Etiquette

Keep Your Computer Working for You: Minimize Sadness — NEW! (12/19)

Working Out at Harvard

Free (Non-Dining Hall) Food: How to Get It — New! (11/16)

If You’re New to Harvard

Geared to prefrosh and freshmen (and their parents).

How to Prepare for Your Freshmen Year

How to Choose Your Classes as a Freshman

What They Didn’t Tell You on the Admissions Tour: Reading and Finals Periods

What They Didn’t Tell You on the Admissions Tour: Housing

Surviving the Extracurricular Application Process

Wear Sunscreen and Other Surprisingly Useful Bits of Common Knowledge


Because Harvard students are wise beyond their years. Note the irony.

The Difference Between Cooking and Eating: Disillusioned by Science in College

Business Ain’t Science: Lessons from Observation

The Death of Wall Street, and Why Harvard Students Should Cheer


Light-hearted, fun stuff.

Must Do’s for a Harvard Student

The Harvard Yale Game — New! (11/21)

Election Night — New! (11/05)

Must Reads: News Sites and Blogs

An Ode to the Moleskine